Premium Fire specializes in Fire Prevention, Supply, Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance


Premium Fire Protection supplies a wide variety of Fire Protection products. Devices to prepare, prevent, detect, monitor and suppress emergency situations. Gain control of the unexpected with quality fire protection systems.


Premium Fire Protection has all aspects of your fire protection covered. We provide

ㆍEmergency Services
ㆍInspections (Annual, Sprinkler, Fire Protection)


Since 1945, Premium Fire Protection has been providing quality service to homes and businesses across western Canada. Originally based in Saskatchewan, the company was founded as Prairie Fire Protection and specialized in fire extinguishers. Developing over the years, Premium Fire Protection has expanded its operations and capabilities to offer a complete Fire Protection services.


Fire Sprinkler

Engineered Fire Sprinkler Installations Customized to the Occupancy and Hazards.

Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Sprinkler Inspections.

Emergency and Deficiency Repairs.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

Design, Installation, Programming and Verification of Fire Alarm systems.

Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Alarm Inspections.

Emergency and Deficiency Repairs.

Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

Engineered and Pre-Engineered Kitchen, Industrial and Paint Booth Installations.

Annual and Semi-Annual Suppression Inspections.

Emergency and Deficiency Repairs.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Annual and Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections.

Regular 6 year, Hydrostatic Maintenance and Repair.

Emergency & Exit Lighting

Installation of new Emergency and Exit Lighting.

Annual and Monthly Lighting Inspections.

Emergency and Deficiency Repairs.

Standpipe Hose

Standpipe Hose Installation.

Annual Standpipe Hose Inspections.

5 year Hose Testing.

Fire Safety Plan

Fire Safety Plan Installation.

Fire Safety Plan Annual Update.

Floor Plan Mapping.

Fire Hydrant

Annual Fire Hydrant Testing.

Fire Hydrant Flow Test.

Fire Hydrant Repairs.

Security & Monitoring

Security Installation

Monitoring Installation

ULC Panel

ULC Panel Installation

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